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Instructions for Use

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Rules for using contact lenses

The most important priority when handling contact lenses is absolute cleanliness. It is therefore essential that you always wash your hands well before putting your lenses in. Rinse them thoroughly to ensure that any soap residue on your hands and under your fingernails has been removed. It may be best to use an alkali-free soap.

Avoid rubbing your eyes hard

Please don’t exceed the maximum wearing time stated on the outer packaging of your contact lenses at all – even if they still feel comfortable. Exceeding the recommended wearing time can lead to inflammation and reduce your comfort level on a long-term basis.

Always store contact lenses in a solution.

A dry contact lens can be used again if it is put back in its case with a solution carefully. Let it swell up again and check it for tears and other defects after about an hour. Do not reinsert defective contact lenses!

A tip from us: Carry your storage case and fresh solution with you at all times. This will be very useful if you need to take your lenses out unexpectedly for any reason. We also recommend leaving a spare case with fresh solution at work.

Care products contain different additives, which are tolerated to varying extents by contact lens wearers. Negative symptoms like burning or red eyes often don’t appear until a wearer has been using a product for a few days, weeks or months.

Always take your contact lenses out before going to sleep at night, unless you wear special lenses that are suitable for night-time use as well.

Only use eye drops designed specifically for wearers of soft lenses when wearing these.

Don’t apply make-up until after you’ve inserted your contact lenses!

Hair lacquer and other sprays like deodorant, perfume and air freshener can damage your contact lenses. When using these sprays, it is advisable to close your eyes or make sure that the spray doesn’t get in your eyes.

Contact lenses can be worn as an ideal vision aid when participating in any sport.

Contact lenses can be worn at the seaside or when you’re swimming, as long as your eyes are closed whenever they are underwater. If you want to open your eyes while underwater, it is advisable to wear swimming or diving goggles. You can also leave your contact lenses in when you’re in the shower, a sauna or a Turkish bath.

Do not use hard objects (such as tweezers) to remove your lenses from their storage case!

When going for a contact lens check, you should always arrive with your lenses in. The best time to have a check is around the end of the maximum wearing time. If you’re having problems wearing your lenses, you should just put them in during the appointment with your optician.