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Normal symptoms

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Contact lenses have to move

A perfectly fitted contact lens will constantly move over the eye, and it is only this movement that will ensure it is comfortable and not noticed when being worn. Every time the eye blinks, the contact lens is pushed upwards, and while the eye is open the contact lens slowly slides down again until the next blink. It’ therefore normal for objects to appear blurred sometimes or for things to alternate between being clear and unclear. After a period of adjustment, the unclear images will be suppressed by your brain and you will see clearly at all times.

The contact lens as a foreign body in the eye

It is normal for contact lenses to feel like a foreign body to start with, (particularly on the lower edge of the eyelid). Your eyes will not always feel the same as each other, which means you will often feel one lens more than the other. The foreign body sensation will generally disappear within a few days, but after two weeks at the latest.

Reading with contact lenses

New contact lens wearers sometimes have trouble at the beginning with reading, sewing and other activities that are carried out at reading distance, because the reading muscle has to work harder at this stage and becomes tired more quickly. Objects that had been clear now look blurry. This is a normal adjustment symptom. Short-sighted people who have rarely or never used their glasses for reading and contact lens wearers over the age of 40 tend to have more problems, and contact lens wearers over the age of 45 usually need a pair of reading glasses as well. The period of reading difficulties varies from person to person. The problems often disappear within a few days, but they can last a few weeks in special cases. The more you read, the more quickly you’l start to see close objects clearly again.